July 3, 2017

System Information

Below is information on the different console models which you are able to Jailbreak using our firmware.

Please check below carefully in order to jailbreak on your console!

Can you Jailbreak PS4’s (ANY FIRMWARE):

All PS4 Jailbreak Custom-Firmwares work with OFW 4.71 and below.

Model: CUH-10xxA
FCC/ID: AK8CUH100C1 / 409B-CUH100C1 :: WORKING

Model: CUH-11xxA
FCC/ID: AK8CUH100F1 / 409B-CUH100F1 :: WORKING

Model: CUH-11xxB :: WORKING

Model: CUH-12xxA
FCC/ID: AK8CUH120Z1 / 409B-CUH120Z1 :: WORKING

Model: CUH-12xxB
FCC/ID: AK8CUH120Z1 / 409B-CUH120Z1 :: WORKING

Can you Jailbreak PS3’s (ANY FIRMWARE):

All PS3 Jailbreak Custom Firmwares work with OFW 4.81 and below.

PS3 Fat Series Console:

CECHDxx               NOT WORKING
CECHExx               WORKING
CECHFxx               NOT WORKING
CECHGxx              WORKING
CECHHxx              WORKING
CECHIxx                NOT WORKING
CECHJxx                WORKING
CECHKxx               WORKING
CECHLxx               WORKING 
CECHMxx              WORKING
CECHNxx              NOT WORKING
CECHOxx              UNTESTED
CECHPxx               WORKING
CECHQxx              WORKING

PS3 Slim 2xxx Series Consoles:

CECH-20xxA          WORKING
CECH-20xxB          WORKING
CECH-21xxA          WORKING
CECH-21xxB          WORKING
CECH-25xxA          WORKING
CECH-25xxB          WORKING

PS3 Silm 3xxx Series Consoles:

CECH-30xxA          WORKING
CECH-30xxB          WORKING

PS3 Super Slim 4xxx Series Consoles:

CECH-43xxC          WORKING
CECH-43xxB          WORKING
CECH-43xxA          WORKING
CECH-42xxC          WORKING
CECH-42xxB          WORKING
CECH-42xxA          WORKING
CECH-42xxC          WORKING
CECH-42xxB          WORKING
CECH-42xxA          WORKING
CECH-40xxC          WORKING
CECH-40xxB          WORKING
CECH-40xxA          WORKING