PS Vita Jailbreak 3.73 CFW Exploit Free Download

PS Vita Jailbreak is the very first homebrew enabler for PS Vita Jailbreak and also PSTV. PS Vita Jailbreak 3.73 CFW Homebrew are video games as well as various other software applications not formally accepted. As an example, VitaDoom is a port of the traditional video game RUIN, as well as mGBA, which allows you to play Video game Kid Development ROMs. You could locate even more instances in the display.

PS Vita Jailbreak Henkaku


You require a PS Vita running system firmware 3.73 version. However, it is not feasible to run HENkaku on any kind of tool running a greater firmware variation and also it is likewise not feasible to downgrade your system firmware.

  • PS Vita with firmware 3.73 or below
  • Memory Card or Connect USB


It is necessary that you never ever upgrade your PS Vita Jailbreak 3.73 CFW if you ever before desire to utilize HENkaku currently or in the future. If you do upgrade, all your set up homebrew will certainly no more function as well as you could not set up any kind of homebrew in the future.

PS Vita Jailbreak 3.73 CFW:

Download and install all need documents from given listed below

Step 1: This web page features the 3.73 CFW jailbreak firmware for your PS Vita.

Step 2: Double-click on the .zip file to extract the folder’s contents.

Step 3: Create a new folder on the USB flash drive called “PSVITA,” then create another folder inside the PSVITA folder called “UPDATE.” The letters must all be in caps for the PSVita console to recognize the folder.

Step 4: Click and drag the file called “PSVITAUPDATE.PUP” from your computer’s desktop over to the “UPDATE” folder.

Step 5: Now move the “PSVITA” folder to your PS Vita device via using cable.

Step 6: Go to “Update System Software” and then choose “PS Vita Jailbreak 3.73 CFW”.

Step 7: Now Upgrade your firmware version to 3.73 CFW.

Step 8: After installed the jailbreak, your PS Vita will now be jailbroken. Enjoy!

The very first time you set up HENkaku, a brand-new bubble called “covering” will certainly appear in LiveArea. This application permits you to set up various other homebrew bubbles. Nonetheless, when you reboot the gadget, the molecular shell and also other homebrew bubbles you mounted will certainly not have the ability to be introduced up until you run the installer once again.

The PlayStation Vita system software program is the main firmware and also operating system for the PlayStation Vita and also PlayStation TELEVISION video clip game gaming consoles. The PlayStation Vita system software application has one optional add-on part, the PlayStation Mobile Runtime Bundle. The existing variation of the system software application is ps vita jailbreak 3.73, which was made readily available in September 2019.

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