July 1, 2017


Current Known Bugs

When solving old bugs, new ones appear; when there is a new firmware update bugs appear. Here is a current list of our reported and known bugs, which we are working to fix before the new update.

PS3 4.81:

  • Any version of Multiman lower than 4.80.00 will cause the system to freeze.
  • FTP only works over ethernet and not over the network.
  • Minor text errors in developers menu.
  • Homebrew games and applications flash once when booted.
  • Mod menu installer crashes with 4.81.

PS4 4.71:

  • Jailbreak only works on latest version 4.71, all lower versions cause the system to crash.
  • Download speed occasionally drops for a few minutes when using the Web Browser.
  • Built in Region changer not working.
  • Built in Mac changer not working.

If you have experienced any bugs which are not on these lists, then please contact us at: [email protected]